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LEGAL FRAME, a boutique law firm organized and integrated by business, financing, technology law, commercial, inmigration and litigation areas. We offer a personalized service, which main distinctive is the commitment, intregrity and quality of our work.

We daily endeavour to exceed our customers expectations, by being accessible, efficent and providing an added value service to our clients. Our continuous intervention on high profile transactions allows us to combine the commercial and legal aspects in order to achieve a fluent closing and therefore optimize your business.

We understand the importance of the synergy that must exist between the legal dynamics and the operations of your business; therefore we concentrate on providing avant-garde solutions to enable the development of your business transactions.

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Legal Frame

Cabral - Senra & Consultants

Torre Ejecutiva GAPO, Suite 701

Luis F. Thomén No. 110, Evaristo Morales

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, 10147

T (809) 547-1140 |